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LC ISO Creator

LC ISO Creator 1.1

ISO ripper

LC ISO Creator is a free Windows program, that belongs to the category Software utilities with subcategory CD & DVD (more specifically Disk Images).

Free Downloadfor Windows
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  • by Anonymous

    Excellent. The best and easiest iso maker I have ever used. It can make iso image of any cd or dvd very fast. I wish it has the ability of making cue/bin of audio cd's. Abu Hayder

  • by Anonymous

    Simple and to the point, and works every time. It's a very simple program that does one thing and does it consistently. Insert a DVD. Start LC ISO Creator. If there's more than one disc in your drives, choose the one you want. Click the only button in the interface to select your save location and file name. It starts immediately and fills the bottom area with red blocks as it progresses. I've use More

  • by Anonymous

    LC ISO Creator. Unpacked it and ran it. A small picture emerged similar to a defrag screen. No options or user interaction revealed. The most useless piece of software in 25 years of computer use. Pros: Free. Cons: Does nothing.